We feel privileged and honored be a part of our client’s lives – each one is precious, each situation unique. At Organize A Difference, LLC we strive to provide exceptional service before, during and after working with our clients. We present their recommendations here so that you might have a better sense of who we are, what we do, and what we are about!

“We reached out for organizing help after we felt buried in papers, clothing and household items – Carrie has truly been a blessing! The job was way too overwhelming for us to tackle ourselves but as soon as we started working with her we felt at ease. A weight was lifted as we went room by room clearing through our things. Carrie made the process, which could have been extremely hectic, a very calm and rewarding one. She even worked with our three children individually and taught them organizing principles that were age appropriate and very successful in maintaining. She made organizing and straightening up fun and exciting for them! In closing, the best thing about working with Carrie is she works from her heart and more on a personal level. She cares about your needs and is extremely professional with how she deals with her customers, especially when parting with your personal items. We will continue to work with Organize A Difference on a regular basis. Our home has become a peaceful and happy environment again and we have Carrie to thank for it!”

T.H. (New Milford)

“Carrie Cooper is an expert in her field. She flew down to my house in Florida after another big move and reorganized my whole life. Carrie has been a part of three big events in our family; coming to our previous home in NJ several times after one move and before a baby was born. Her work is invaluable. You only have to simply answer her questions and then let her eager hands begin their work! She is so talented in understanding daily life and getting your house entirely set up in a purely functional way. Trusting her expertise and guidance will produce amazing results. Carrie has an answer for all of your concerns and her ideas are limitless; she has a solution for everything and I mean everything! She can look at any corner, closet or area and have a vision to see it functioning at its max. She guides you through the process of “what’s not working” and steers you in the direction of “what is?” I couldn’t be more satisfied with her work, suggestions and her skill of organizing. She even can suggest some incredible decor tips that will get your wheels turning! Now that I am better organized, cleaning and daily life are easier because everything has a place. Carrie is a star and I recommend her to anyone who wants help when they are bombarded with ‘stuff ‘- you will feel clean, happy and appreciate simple living!”

G.B. (Ft. Lauderdale)

“Carrie Cooper is a godsend! I was despairing of ever getting through the piles of accumulated paper and other stuff that I hadn’t managed to stay on top of during all the years that I worked full-time. Recently retired, I made a vow to myself to start going through it all and felt stymied by how to begin. Carrie arrived at the house with her “can do,” totally non-judgmental attitude and tons of energy. We have worked together numerous times and we are making great progress. Whenever I get discouraged, she always cheerfully reminds me that this isn’t work for a day or a month and that we will meet my goals in due time. Carrie is a lovely presence to have in the house and cares about all of us. I enthusiastically recommend her!”

E.C. (Teaneck)

“I started working with Carrie Cooper of Organize a Difference in April 2016. Honestly, I needed my entire house organized and I had no idea where to begin. Carrie did though, and she started right in my front entryway. I could not believe how much stuff was hiding in a closet and 2 pieces of furniture. It took us most of a day to go through it all. When we were done, I had a system set up to control paper and mail, a cleared kitchen table, 3 bags of trash and as many boxes of donations. She also set up a drawer for keys/sunglasses/headphones, etc. to keep them off my table and island. Genius! All in ONE day.

Carrie has been back 3 times since then. My kitchen cabinets, living room, dining room, basement storage & laundry areas are now set up so I can use them better and find what I need. I have been inspired to work on other spaces on my own and keep things going. There is now some control around the chaos.

Carrie is patient and creative – she understands that it didn’t get this way in a day, so sometimes you need a little more time to process and think about things. She will work through the organizing session without a break but considers the energy level of her clients; basically how much you can stand to do in one day. I am now using things that I loved, that were formerly piled up in boxes. When I need something, I can find it! When something is on the kitchen counter, I know exactly where it should be stored so when someone needs it again, it’s there. These are the day to day stresses on my family that we were able to reduce. The work we have done truly has made a difference in our lives. I would recommend Carrie to anyone who needs to make the most of his or her space.”

T. N. (Ringwood, NJ)

“Carrie worked with us over a 5 month span, helping us clean out 40+ years of memories, collectibles, furniture, clothing, etc. from my in-laws’ former home. My husband and I were completely overwhelmed and not at all sure of where to begin. She met with us and provided a plan that balanced holding keepsakes and memories with letting go of those things that we didn’t have room for. Carrie is a true professional and a masterful project planner/organizer. She has an amazing network of professionals from which she can call upon for extra assistance when needed. No matter what our issue, Carrie had a solution or a source. Her follow up was impeccable and her attention to detail is excellent. If I had another project, I would certainly want Carrie’s assistance and expertise. And, I would not hesitate to recommend her for your project as well. “

J.K. (Connecticut)

“Earlier in 2015, we invited Carrie Cooper to speak at our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group at Jacksonville Chapel in Lincoln Park. She was so inspiring and passionate about getting our lives and houses more organized in practical ways. Her presentation not only focused on the appearance of our homes, but also the heart of them. Carrie encouraged each of us to get our families involved in the housework and daily routines so we could spend more time on things that mattered. A few “MOPS moms” have since asked for her help to get their homes in order and the results have been priceless!

Carrie is someone I would trust to organize my home, life, and mindset about living with less clutter.  She’s so gentle, peaceful, and honest, and has the gift of applying Biblical truths into her reasoning and direction. If anyone spends even a minute with Carrie, they’ll feel refreshed, encouraged, supported and ready to tackle the world! “

T. Corra, MOPS Team Coordinator

“Carrie Cooper is amazing! In addition to truly being gifted in the area of organization, she is such a joy to be around! I had the opportunity to have a work session with Organize A Difference as a birthday present from a dear friend; one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. Carrie not only spent time with me ahead of the session to make sure her day with me was optimized, but also she provided nuggets of advice for other areas that I wanted to work on down the road. Carrie helped me come up with systems and processes to make my day-to-day life run more smoothly. While being very cost conscious, she also made sure everything we worked on looked pretty! I would highly recommend Organize A Difference to help anyone looking to organize their home or business; making their daily life less stressful and more enjoyable. While I thought this would be a one time appointment, after working with Carrie, I plan on having her return to help me with another area of my home.”

A.D. (West Orange)

“I’ve worked with several professional organizers in the past and Carrie is the best. She has more energy than two organizers put together! Carrie is efficient, fast, non-judgmental and overall, a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Organize A Difference to others and look forward to working with Carrie again in the near future.”

R.D. (Clifton)

“I just want to thank Carrie for an excellent program she presented at our library on “The Clutter Challenge”. From a program coordinator’s point of view, she was a dream to work with: prepared, on time, organized and most of all, inspirational! I have heard many good things about the program content that was shared and have already seen a desire from participants to meet the challenge of addressing their own clutter. For me, her best advice was to take baby steps since the process can feel so overwhelming. I certainly recommend Carrie as a speaker!”

G. O’Neill (Tuxedo Park Library)

“Carrie Cooper of Organize A Difference is a very special professional organizer. I have worked with Carrie to serve several clients, both as part of my team and as co-organizers on a project. She is, without fail, not only an outstanding organizer, but also always upbeat, smiling, positive, professional, caring and spiritual. When I have organizing projects of my own that I need to tackle, I call Carrie. She recently helped me organize the files pertaining to my divorce, a painful and unpleasant task for me. Having Carrie there made the task infinitely more palatable, as she 1) was there 2) prayed with me 3) helped me sort and decide on categories 4) gave me a safe and non-judgmental space in which to process my feelings surrounding the divorce and 5) facilitated putting the figurative and literal lid on the process. I really needed to get the papers organized, but I would have not done it when I did if Carrie had not been there. She is a true blessing to her clients, colleagues, friends and the world in general.”

G. Gruenberg, CPO-CD (Let’s Get Organized)

“I described myself to Carrie as a “serial clutterer.” From house to house, room to room, a trail of clutter was always left in my wake. No matter how hard I tried to address it on my own, I was never able to get past what to do with the “little things” – those left-over items that remained without a home, cluttering up my space and life! I couldn’t throw them out but I had a hard time figuring out where they should be stored. I was paralyzed. I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to take action. I had been told by others that ‘organizers’ existed but never did I think I’d engage one to help me with my problem. Recently, it got to the point where I didn’t want anybody to visit; I knew then that I had to do something. I did some research on NAPO and it sounded legit, so I looked for local people in my area. After reading through all the bios and looking at web sites, it was clear that Carrie Cooper’s message resonated with me more than any others. I decided to give her a call and after our conversation I knew I had the right person. And she did not disappoint! She arrived on time for our work session and immediately got down to business. We discussed how she works and what my goals were. We decided to “attack” the kitchen and dining area. I have never met such a focused and energetic person as Carrie. She kept me right on task, asked the right questions, led me through the process gently and respectfully, and got me to make the decisions I could never make in the past – dispose, put away, donate. Through this process of working together we were able to totally transform my kitchen and eating area into a space I can now enjoy and share with others – and I’ve kept it clutter free now for several weeks! I’m not cured but Carrie set me in the right direction. I look forward to bringing her back for the next project!!”

A. S. (Newton)

“I came home after being at an appointment all morning and was so surprised and thrilled to see my bedroom closet totally cleaned and organized! I could actually see what was in there! Because of lack of time and energy, I have not been able to do this myself. Some friends had arranged this organizing gift for me. Now every time I open my closet I smile and am blessed. This was well worth it – thank you, Carrie!”

K.V. (Ringwood)

“Carrie was very encouraging and helpful in organizing my kitchen. She was professional and so pleasant to work with. It also made me happy that she wants utilize her skills to help and give back to to others. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who needs to get their home or office organized! I will be calling Organize A Difference to help me with other rooms in my home.”

S.V. (Highland Lakes)

“When I decided it was time to downsize the house my late husband and I had bought 31 years earlier, I knew I would have about three months to empty the house prior to the closing date. To do this and dispose of the contents would be a huge task, for which I knew I would need assistance. With my daughter’s help I located a professional organizer, Carrie Cooper, whose business is called Organize A Difference. From the day we met, I had confidence that she was someone I would look forward to working with. It turned out that Carrie exceeded my expectations in every way. As the weeks went by, she was a tremendous help.

We first updated the household inventory and then separated it into various lists of the contents of the house, using numerous categories. With such a big project ahead, planning was a major element. Carrie helped me to assess the existing situation, to define goals and break them down into manageable tasks. We drafted a working schedule and reached out to various professionals, such as local self storage facilities, auction houses, moving companies and removal services. Communications were vitally important as the project unfolded; Carrie took the lead in this, establishing contacts and following up with all service providers. She took the initiative to gather estimates, schedule appointments, kept a log of phone calls and created a calendar of dates to follow. She also kept a detailed log of everything, which was very helpful. Throughout the project there was hands-on work, such as sorting through closets, cabinets, sports and baby equipment, toddler toys, etc. Carrie even took down curtains, and was completely willing and energetic in tackling these tasks. She was able to donate many gently used items to local charities. On the days the professional movers came to the house, she oversaw the packing and loading into trucks. This was complicated because furniture and boxes were going to different destinations. Thanks to her diligence and experience the moving days went smoothly. Similarly, Carrie oversaw unloading of furniture and boxes into two different local storage facilities.

Carrie is a wonderful person to work with. Through my estate downsizing project, she was considerate and thoughtful in every way. Truly resourceful, she found solutions to countless questions, big and small. She is completely honest and dependable. On every day of our appointments together, Carrie cheerfully brought a positive energy to the house. During the almost three months of the project, while emptying the house and preparing for the sale, I felt that I had the best possible person at my side, acting not only as organizer but also as a friend, while I went through that major transition in my life.”

S.W.C. (Tuxedo Park, NY)

“When I put my house on the market, and I needed some help to stage it, I called Carrie because I knew she had the gift of organization. She immediately came to my assistance, and in one day helped me to declutter as well as add some small, inexpensive touches that really transformed the look of my home. Carrie really has an eye for detail and beauty, and knows how to stay within the budget as well. I would recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with organizing, downsizing and utilizing small spaces.”

S.F. (Paramus)

“I can’t thank Carrie enough for all her help in getting me organized and moved last August. I was at a loss and didn’t know where to start. Carrie’s organizational abilities and efficiency made our moving day fast and smooth. I saw her meticulous care as I unpacked my pottery collection, as well as my daughter’s art projects. They had been treated as if they were as special to Carrie as they are to me. Once again, I thank you very much!”

A.R. (Bronxville, NY)

“Our family was blessed as Carrie helped organize our bedroom. She kindly and lovingly showed us how to sort through the items in our room, and what a difference it made. She also gave great tips on how to organize our closet, as well as other areas of our home!”

K.F. (Ringwood)

“Carrie’s organizational efforts have not simply been limited to kitchens, closets and play rooms. She is also an experienced event planner and coordinator. Carrie has helped organize projects at our church for years, and more recently, coordinated an enormous “Organize For Others”: Treasures Thrift Store Project” Event. With the help of over 70 volunteers, and over the period of just two days, the entire interior of two floors were reorganized in a way to help this Thrift Store run more efficiently. This will in turn help many women and children in domestic abuse situations. It was truly a privilege to be part of this “God Project”! Carrie’s inspiring ideas and leadership abilities are just what any successful organizing project needs.”

Pastor E. (Grace Community Church, Franklin Lakes)