Helping you clear clutter of the home, mind & soul.
Life, Grief & Organizing Coaching

"I work with overwhelmed women in life transitions, grief and loss,
helping them clear clutter so they can live with more peace and purpose."
Carrie Cooper, CPLC, CGC

Is clutter overwhelming your life?

  • Are you living the life you want to live?

  • Do you feel it’s impossible to get things done?

  • Is your mind spinning with too much to do?

  • Are the challenges you face wearing you down?

  • Do you experience way too much stress and shame?

  • Is a disorganized life keeping you stuck?

  • Are you lacking clarity on your values and goals?

  • Do you need help navigating through grief & loss?

Carrie Cooper

Certified Professional Life Coach
Certified Grief Coach
Professional Organizing Coach  

You can live with the peace and purpose you were created for.

Hey there! I’m Carrie Cooper, an ICF trained Certified Life & Grief Coach, and Professional Organizing Coach. Do you need help getting unstuck, so you can live with more peace and purpose? Over the last decade, I’ve been equipped with tools and resources to help clear clutter, inside and out. There is hope. I’ve been able to help many others do the same, and find freedom to focus on what matters most.

Perhaps you’re in the midst of a difficult life transition, grieving a loss or struggling with disorganization that affects every aspect of your home, mind, and soul. You’re not alone. I understand how it feels to be overwhelmed by scattered days and a messy home, because I’ve experienced it too. 

Help is here. I can work with you to achieve your goals as we dig into the chaos and get to the root of the problem. You actually can experience hope, discover purpose and live wholly from that place. I bring NO JUDGEMENT - just lots of compassion and support in a way that’s gentle, yet firm to move you forward.

Ways I can help transform your life

Imagine Living With

Less stress. More peace.

Less confusion. More focus.

Less shame. More confidence.

Less procrastination. More time.

Less waste. More money.

Less frustration. More success.

Less clutter. More You.

Not only are these things possible, but I can help you get there.

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"I can't imagine a better Life Coach! The work we did together went far beyond just "organization." Through the coaching process, Carrie helped me think not just about the "how but about my "why." I know the work we created together will last - things haven't begun to fall apart the way that they have in the past, and I learned some new skills for solving questions when they arise in the future. This is why she is a great coach!"

Rachel, Massachusetts

"My virtual organizing sessions with Carrie are incredibly helpful, especially when I see her smiling face! Working together in this way helps me dig into tasks that are really overwhelming. Not only does Carrie provide much needed direction for each session, her coaching presence keeps me grounded and focused so I can get things done. The accountability and support I receive from these sessions increases my confidence in my ability to keep going, in spite of the challenges I face."

Jeanette, New Jersey

"What I hoped to get from Grief Coaching was to feel the weight lifted from the pain I was carrying regarding the loss of my dad. Going through this coaching journey helped me to realize there is no time stamp on the grief process - it happens in your own timing. I found strength in realizing I don't have to let the pain take over me, but I can work THROUGH the pain. I learned a lot by working with Carrie, and discovered new ways to cope with my grief. I've started to release some of the burden I was carrying with me, which gives me peace."

Arnita, New Jersey