Life Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coaching?

Life Coaching is a shared communication process between a Coach (me) and client (you),  which is designed to help you accomplish goals, expand vision, build confidence, discover passion and find hope.  Who doesn’t need this?! Coaching is an investment in your future - the tools and strategies taught by a trained coach last a lifetime.  Working with a coach empowers, motivates and inspires you to live fully in the purpose God has for your life.

It’s pretty simple: you talk about the things you want to change in your life, I listen and ask questions to help you gain a better awareness and of what needs to change. I cheer you on while giving you the accountability you need to reach your goals.  We share a confidential partnership built on trust and authenticity; it’s not about me telling you what to do, but rather me bringing you through a thrilling, transformative process. (I can say this because I have experienced it myself!)

Is Coaching for me?

Coaching is right for anyone who is struggling yet ready for change, open to honest feedback and wanting more out of life. When people ask if coaching is for them, I simply ask two questions: “Do you want to make a positive change in your life?” and “Are you ready to put in the work to make that change happen?” If you can answer yes to both of these, you will benefit from working with me.

How do we meet in Coaching?

I typically meet with my clients via phone conferencing; however, I am open to FaceTime or meeting on Zoom if that works better for you!

What happens during a Coaching session?

All sessions start with a check-in, to see how things have gone since our last call. As the client, you decide on the topic you want to talk about. This can include a wide range of focuses (professional goals, disorganization, health, personal growth, faith journey or relationships). As a coach, I am always curious and it's my goal to help you figure out what's causing you to feel ‘stuck’. We spend time getting a better understanding of where you are at, consider where you want to be going, and then figure out how to get there! We clarify goals and vision, identify core values that support that vision, explore solutions, consider resources, and break it down into manageable goals.

What about in between sessions?

Coaching is an awareness-action-learning process; as a coach, I partner with you to identify and commit to homework in between sessions that move you towards your goals. The beauty of inner change happens gradually over time, as new insights are brought to light during, but more often IN BETWEEN coaching sessions.

What is your cancellation policy?

I require a 24-hour advance notice to reschedule sessions; otherwise fees will be forfeited.

When do I pay and what payments do you accept?

Full payments for coaching programs are required prior to the first session. You can safely and securely pay by credit card via PayPal (you are not required to have a PayPal account to use this service), or send me a check.

What training do you have?

As a Certified Professional Life & Grief Coach, I’ve received many hours of training and have graduated from 3 comprehensive ICF accredited training programs.  Click here for a list of my credentials and education.

How is a Life Coach different than a counselor?

Coaches are action-oriented and come alongside clients to help them reach goals that require direction and accountability. They aren’t necessarily dealing with someone’s past issues or something that is “wrong”, instead, they focus on what is preventing progress.

Counseling often focuses on the question “why?” as well as weaknesses and deficits. On the contrary, Coaching focuses on the question “how?” and emphasizes strengths and assets.

In our Coaching, together, we may identify past events that have influenced where you’re at now. If you’re emotionally unstable, wrestling more with things like depression and anxiety, or keeping the Coaching conversation rooted in the past, you are not in a good place for Coaching. It’s my is job to communicate this if I notice it, and will refer you to a counselor.

Why should I choose you as my Coach?

Great question! I am a pretty down to earth girl and offer clients transparency in regard to my own life experiences so they can be free to share their own. I have lived a life filled with clutter, failures and mistakes, and yet through God’s grace, I’ve found my passion and purpose. I will continue to believe in you and encourage you when you feel "less than" or stuck in a rut. I will champion you to step out of your comfort zone and face your fears. This will allow you to overcome past regret and discover your God given potential so you can move forward. My desire is to help you find hope, resilience, determination, and purpose in the midst of challenge and loss - and hold onto it for you when you begin to lose sight of it. It would be an honor to be with you on your personal journey towards change.

How do I get started?

Contact me here and describe what you need help with, adding in any other details you’d like to include. I’ll be in touch soon!