Home Organizing

I can help you

  • Create a realistic, personalized organizing plan

  • Receive the accountability and support you need

  • Declutter or downsize your spaces

  • Understand why your disorganization happens

  • Establish customized systems for your things

  • Overcome not being able to let go

  • Learn new skills, habits, and routines that stick

  • Increase self-confidence in your abilities to organize

on-site organizing

Is disorganization causing you to feel stressed, ashamed or overwhelmed? If you are ready to make the change to simplify your life, I can help. The value I bring is two-fold: you get an experienced specialist who loves to dig into clutter, AND you benefit from having a professional life coach beside you. As the chaos is cleared, you’ll begin to understand the behaviors and habits that need to change, so you can enjoy results that last.

  • A great option if you don’t have the time, ability or desire to do the organizing work on your own
  • 4-8 hour sessions are scheduled weekdays, with occasional weekend hours by appointment only
  • Virtual Organizing services are available as additional support depending on the project

What's important to know

Organizing looks different for each client. Every project and the number of sessions you will need depends on your unique situation and ability to make decisions. Our work begins and ends with you setting the pace. I help you manage realistic expectations.

Organizing is a journey, not a one-time event. Learning about our disorganization and why it happens takes time. New systems, habits, and routines can be established, but often need to be tweaked along the way.

Organizing requires a lot of energy. Getting started is often the hardest part. I realize that making so many decisions on things can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. I will never push you to go faster or further than you are ready for.

Organizing is an amazing process. Clients love to share how getting organized is contagious! As we work together, I integrate coaching into our conversations, which brings awareness and empowers you to keep going.

Getting started is simple

1. Schedule your complimentary 30-minute call

We’ll begin to explore what you want to change in your home and life. I’ll explain how I can work with you based on your situation, budget, and timeframe.

2. Book your organizing sessions

We’ll review your goals and create a plan of action together, working to sort, declutter and organize spaces. I’ll help you determine what to keep, donate, or discard; you are the final decision-maker.

3. Enjoy life with more peace and purpose

You will experience more freedom when you clear clutter, but most importantly it will create space, so you can focus on what matters most.