Ready For Coaching?

This quick assessment will help you determine if you are ready to start coaching, and if we are a good fit for one another. Read through each question and on a piece of paper, give yourself a check mark for what’s true for you.  Tally them up, and check out the area below to determine your score.


             I can see the value of life coaching and how it can bring positive change to my life. I am responsible and motivated to make those changes happen.

             I am open to talking about my dreams, visions, goals as well as changing any self-defeating behaviors that may limit my success.

             understand that life coaching is not counseling, consulting or mentoring. I may need to work with a counselor before a coach, and that’s OK.

             I acknowledge that much of the coaching process takes place in between coaching sessions, and I am ready and willing to put in the necessary work.

             I am committed to letting my coach do the coaching and will dedicate at least three months to allow the process to work.

             I am willing to be challenged and stretched about my perspectives and try new ones in order to live more wholly.

             I am able to pay for the coaching services before services start and can be relied upon to be on time for our calls.

             I am willing to be as open and honest with my coach and respect boundaries.

             I see how coaching is a partnership that will help me make changes in my personal and professional life. I do not expect my coach to fix my problems and recognize that the work is mine to do.

             I am willing to be accountable to another person. The thought of working with a Christian coach is energizing and inspiring for me.

9-10  You were ready yesterday! What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

7-8  You are ready for coaching. Look at what you did not check and think about what it would take for those things to become true. I’d love to listen to what you have to share.

5-6  You may be ready depending on your willingness to change the things not checked. We can chat about how to make that happen.

5-0 You are not quite ready for coaching, but that does not mean you won’t be ready in the future. Please let me know when you are!

I liken the metaphor of coaching as riding together in a car. As the driver, you choose the route and speed in which we travel. As a coach, I am in the passenger seat to help you navigate the journey until you reach your destination. I encourage you to keep looking ahead at a future filled with hope. What you see in the little rear view mirror is your past, which we glance at while moving forward.